Arlene Butz, RN, CRNP, ScD

Dr. Butz’ research focuses on community-based, behavioral intervention research in pediatric asthma. She is currently the Principal Investigator of a randomized trial of a emergency department and home based intervention linking emergency, the home and primary care with the goal of improving asthma morbidity in young children with recurrent ED visits.  Dr. Butz was also the Principal Investigator of a randomized trial addressing reducing  second hand smoke exposure in the home for inner city children with asthma as part of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Childhood Asthma in the Urban Environment. Previous research involved testing the effectiveness of a home-nurse educational intervention for in-utero drug exposed infants for subsequent cognitive, behavioral, health and social outcomes at age 5 years. Dr. Butz is interested in examining factors associated with adherence to asthma medication and medical care in urban children with asthma by improving access to quality asthma management.